Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to the most commonly asked questions

What Time are you Open?

The bar is open from 11-00 a.m. to 11-00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11-00 a.m. through Midnight on Friday and Saturdays.  

We aim to get everyone out of the building half an hour after the bar closes.  

The building is usually open earlier during the week for various classes which use the main hall.

Are children welcome?

Yes, of course; we’re a family-oriented Club.  Under 18’s should, however, always be accompanied by an adult.  Same goes for dogs!

How does membership work?

All memberships run from 1st January to 31st December, regardless of when you join, and the cost is £20.00 per year with a £10.00 admin fee for new joinders, or £10.00 with a £10.00 admin fee if you are over 65.  Renewals are £20.00 and £10.00 respectively. New members may be offered a discount if they join late in the year at the discretion of the Committee.

Anyone over the age over 18 can apply to become a member if they are proposed and seconded by an existing member. If you don’t know any members but like what you see, pop in and have a chat about filling in a form.

We understand some people would like to fill a form out online to join, but it is this process of being proposed or getting to know us first that allows us to keep our unique atmosphere. However, if you want to print out and complete a form at home to bring in with you, you can find one here.

Can non-members use the facilities?

Non-members can come along with a member for a £2.00 guest fee.

Non-Members pay 30p more per drink than members.

Only members can use the snooker room.

Non-Members are invited to attend certain advertised functions such a when entertainment is put on. Non-members will normally pay a higher entrance fee.

How can I hire the function room?

Functions involving alcohol can only be booked by members, but membership can be arranged quite quickly if you are proposed and seconded in the required manner.  

Enquiries can be made here (link to enquiries page) or in person at the Club or by e-mail to

Can I hire the bar areas?

Yes, the middle bar and upstairs bars are available for hire.  

We will always make sure that there is a bar available for members who are not involved with private bookings.

What events do you have planned?

We always have a number of events coming up. To keep up to date check out the What’s On of the website or our newsletter which goes out to members (and some former members) on a regular basis.  

The notice boards inside and outside of the Club are also useful sources of information.

I’ve lost my card

Come in to see us and we can sort you out a new one. If you can remember your membership number (or failing that, your name) that helps us out a lot.  

There may be a charge for replacement cards for repeat offenders.

How can I book snooker?

You can just turn up and, if a table is free, book it straight away, but to be on the safe side call us to book a slot.

How much is snooker?

£6 per hour

Do I need to bring my own cue?

You can bring your own, but we do have cues available for use if required.  Same goes for balls. 

Is there parking available?

We do have a car park for our customers. 

You must ensure you put your registration number on the parking validation screen on the bar to avoid a fine.  

See here for full details of the car-park areas.

Who’s the good-looking bloke with the beard?

Let’s not pretend that’s a frequently asked question. He doesn’t have a beard anymore anyway.

Who won the FA cup in 1956?

That was Manchester City

Bert Trautman was in goal and played the game out with a broken neck