About the Club

A community hub in the centre of Loughton.

Welcome to the Club

As a club, rather than a pub, we aim to provide a more integrated family friendly atmosphere where members can enjoy a drink, game of pool/snooker and other facilities. 

You may know only one or two other members when you join but it shouldn’t be long before you feel at home and have made a whole load of new friends.  Well, that’s the idea!

The Running of the Club

The running of the Club is overseen by the Managing Committee which is around 12 people elected/re-elected each year by the members; the Committee meets each month to oversee things like financial management, entertainment, building maintenance/improvements, membership issues, bar and cellar management etc.  The Committee members are also there to support our amazing bar staff and there should normally be at least one of us on site.  We are a non-profit making organisation so it is the Committee’s job to ensure a good balance between maintain sensible drinks prices, investment in the infrastructure and investment in people (staff).

The Club-House has two bars downstairs, a large function hall, an upstairs room/bar and a snooker room with 4 full size tables.  The hall and other areas used by a number of groups (Zumba, Fitness Classes, Toddler groups, Karate etc), particularly in the day time, providing the Club with additional revenue which helps us maintain the building and continue providing members with great value for money on drinks and entertainment.  We are also pleased to be able to provide a base for these small local businesses as well as certain charities and to be part of the broader Loughton community.

A regular newsletter (by e-mail) will keep you informed of what is going on at the Club.  We aim to provide members with entertainment, particularly at weekends, although the hall is also booked quite often by members with an occasion to celebrate, such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement etc.  Where Saturday evenings are booked for private parties, we will try and provide entertainment on a Friday evening where possible; if not then there’s always the Juke box!

We’re happy to receive feedback from members; it’s your Club, so feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.  Always be respectful to the staff and other club members, keep the atmosphere family friendly, support any events we put on and generally be considerate and polite while on the premises.  Members should offer their membership card to bar staff when ordering a drink to obtain the discounted price, but also because not all staff can be expected to remember everyone who’s membership is up-to-date;  members should also be up-front about paying the £2 guest fee if they bring a friend or two in.

All applicants for membership have to be approved by the Committee so we can make sure we keep our unique, safe and sociable atmosphere; the Committee is also authorised to terminate membership at its’ discretion where behaviour is considered inappropriate.

And always remember…

It’s a Club, not a Pub